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From adolescence through adulthood, my self-esteem was impaired due to acne problems. Despite consultation with many professionals and considerable expense, no results were obtained. Desperate, I tried a multitude of recommended products, but due to harsh chemical ingredients, my skin condition deteriorated. It was at this point that I decided to become an esthetician, seeking to gain the training necessary to understand and help not only myself, but other people as well.

Through my research and years of experience as an esthetician, my passion for cosmetology grew, motivating me to take the extra step to help others take care of their skin health and achieve results. Today, I am proud to offer safe and effective cosmetic products to help you love the skin you have.

Our goal goes beyond education, also aiming to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. We believe that the lust of a cosmetic product lies in its composition, and in obtaining results. We are convinced that the key lies in the selection of complementary active ingredients, ensuring ultimate concentration without compromising the safety of cosmetic products. Our pride is in using the highest quality ingredients combining a perfect balance between science and nature in order to offer you safe products, visible and long-lasting results.

Our objective

Providing safe and effective cosmetic products to all those who aspire to healthy, radiant skin!

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What sets Tanya Jane cosmetics apart?

Visible and lasting results, thanks to the best combination of active ingredients.
Manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratory.
Procedures for extracting active ingredients without heat, thus preserving their integrity.
Our products and ingredients are free from animal testing, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and of course non-nano.
Our commitment is not only limited to the quality of our products; it extends to you!
Tanya Jane is committed to providing safe and effective cosmetic products. With you as our priority, we give our best.
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Looking for the best combinations

This constant commitment to scientific research guarantees the creation of innovative cosmetic products, meeting the specific needs of the skin while guaranteeing high standards of safety and effectiveness.

By merging science and beauty, this research contributes to the constant evolution of the cosmetics industry, offering skincare solutions that combine performance, safety and well-being.